Shared Charter to Contadora Island

At Aero Albrook we have the most complete selection of shared charter flights from the Albrook Aiport (PAC) in Panama City to Contadora Island (COZ), Pearl Islands.

Flight schedule Panama City (PAC) – Contadora (COZ)

2023-01-133:45 PM4:25 PM
2023-01-152:35 PM3:15 PM
2023-01-203:35 PM4:15 PM
2023-01-222:30 PM3:10 PM
2023-01-273:40 PM4:20 PM
2023-01-292:35 PM3:15 PM
2023-02-033:30 PM4:10 PM
2023-02-052:30 PM3:10 PM
2023-02-103:45 PM4:25 PM
2023-02-122:35 PM3:15 PM
2023-02-173:35 PM4:15 PM
2023-02-212:30 PM3:10 PM
2023-02-243:40 PM4:20 PM
2023-02-262:35 PM3:15 PM

Price and booking conditions

Shared charter flights to Contadora Island (COZ) are priced at $100 per person each way.

There are no discounts for children.

Infants from 0 to 2 years old can travel in the legs of their parents as long as the weight and volume of the luggage is below the limit established for each aircraft.

Before confirming each reservation, the weight of each passenger and luggage will be requested.

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