Fishing Tour at The Gatun Lake, Panama Canal

3 Hours - Enjoy the unique tranquillity of Fishing Tour at The Gatun Lake, Panama Canal from Gamboa

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With an experienced angler, travel to a secluded Gatun Lake or Chagres River to fish species such as peacock bass (3 to 5 pounds), snook (15 to 20 pounds) and the tarpon (50 to 60 pounds).

We welcome experienced anglers, beginners, and families with children.

Fishing Techniques at the Gatun Lake, Panama Canal by Species

**Recommended** Peacock Bass (3 to 5 pounds): for this fish, we use a small live bait.

Snook (15 to 20 pounds): for this fish, we use a plastic spinner.

Tarpon (50 to 60 pounds): The Big Game for this fish trolling of course.

Let us know us know wich fish species would you prefer!

Enrich your fishing skill with tips from your expert angler, and opt to fish with a spinner or bait during Gatun Lake Panama Canal Fishing Tour.

Capacity Per Boat

For more than 5 people, we can easily split the group into several boats. Maximum 5 people per boat, but we recommend 3 people per boat.

How to Get to Gamboa

Fishing Tour at The Gatun Lake, Panama Canal departs from Gamboa (45 minutes from Panama City). To reach this place we can help you book a private car or you can drive here by your own.

What to Bring for The Fishing Tour at The Gatun Lake, Panama Canal

It is required to bring your original passports or Panamanian ID. Don’t forget to bring a hat and sunscreen.

We can replace the beers and cokes for fruits and cupcakes for the children!

Available from Monday to Sunday

We can start any day of the week from 7 am to 10:30 am. Please contact us to chat, send us an email to [javascript protected email address] or write to our contact page before making your purchase.

The History of The Gatun Lake

This 423 square-kilometer artificial lake was constructed to provide water from the Chagres River to the Panama Canal in 1914.

Why You Should Fish Peacock Bass

On 1969 the peacock bass was accidentally introduced to the Gatun Lake. By the 1970s, they had already colonized Gatun Lake.

According to the Smithsonian Institution, several decades later, the species at the lake still have not recovered!

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  • 2 beers per person
  • 2 cokes per person
  • 2 water bottles per person
  • Boat and skipper
  • Live bait and plastic spinner

Terms & Conditions:

Not Included:

  • Local Transfers

Places of Interest:

Address of Departure:

  • Address: Gamboa, Panama


Bookings are limited to minimum 1 and maximum 10 people

Bookings are only available between October 19, 2017 and October 15, 2018

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