Panama Canal Air Tour + Contadora Island Day Pass

4 Hours - Fly to the Panama Canal from Ocean to Ocean and spend the afternoon at an oceanfront restaurant in Contadora, Pearl Islands, Panama.

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We’ll meet you at any hotel or residence in Panama City or Casco Viejo. In less than 20 minutes we’ll be arriving the Albrook Airport from where we’ll take a charter flight to Contadora Island.

Panama Canal Air Tour will start with a visit of Bridge of the Americas, Pacific entrance of the Panama Canal. This bridge was built in 1962, becoming the second bridge on the Panama Canal.

Visit the Miraflores Locks

In Miraflores, we can observe the operations of the Old Panama Canal, completed in 1914. These locks were built as a hinge and allow ships up to 289 meters long and up to 5,000 TEUs (1 TEU is equivalent to a 20-foot container).

Without the Panama Canal, the largest cities at the west coast of the American Continent wouldn’t be what they are today.

Flight to  the New Expanded Canal

After visiting the Miraflores Locks not deviate briefly to the east indirection to Cocolí Locks, part of the proposed Canal expansion, which opened on June 26, 2016.

These new locks allow ships up to 366 meters long and up to 13000 TEUs (1 TEU is equivalent to a 20-foot container).

Pedro Miguel Locks

Part of the old canal and like the Miraflores locks both have a length of approximately 3 kilometers including access to the walls. Pedro Miguel is the set of locks connecting Lake Miraflores to Gatun Lake, with the highest elevation.

The Gatun Lake

The Gatun Lake, constructed to supply water from the Chagres River to Panama Canal, the Gatun Lake used to the largest artificial lake ever constructed.

Nearly 17,000 commercial vessels cross the Panama Canal each year.

Agua Clara Locks, Expanded Canal

Located on the north side of the Panama Canal, the Agua Clara Locks are our final destination. A unique view of Gatun Lake, Panama Canal and the Atlantic Ocean.

Lunch and Afternoon at the Beach

The Day Trip in Contadora Island includes an afternoon in a beautiful oceanfront restaurant and the use of its facilities (beach umbrellas and chairs on the beach). Choose between a lunch of pasta, chicken or fish, accompanied by a complimentary drink.

restaurante mar y oro contadora

Airplanes Used in This Tour


For groups up to 4 passengers we’ll use the 4 seats Piper Seneca and from 5 to 8 passengers we’ll use the BN2 Islander.

What to Bring

  1. Beach towels
  2. Water
  3. Sun glasses and hats
  4. Original Passports


  • Charter flights to Contadora Island
  • Ground transport in Panama City and Contadora
  • Lunch
  • Ocean to Ocean Panama Canal Air Ride
  • Plane landed in Contadora for 3 hours

Terms & Conditions:

Places of Interest:

Address of Departure:

  • Address: Hotels Panama City / Casco Viejo
  • Hour of Check-in: 9:00 AM
  • Hour of Departure: 10:00 AM


Bookings are limited to minimum 1 and maximum 6 people

Bookings are only available between September 21, 2018 and September 15, 2019