🚁 Panama City & Canal Helicopter Tour

1 - 3 Hours - Visit Panama City and Canal on a 1 to 3 hour helicopter ride.

2 Packages:
Helicopter Eurocopter B35 $428
Helicopter Robinson R443 $356
Schedule 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Panama City

The Panama City & Canal Helicopter Tour is our best-seller tour. It consists of a partial 30-minute flight over the capital of Panama, Panama City and then one of the most important commercial sea route (another 30 minutes).

The Beginning of the Panama City & Canal Helicopter Tour

Take off vertically from the Albrook Domestic Airport for this 30-minute helicopter scenic tour of Panama City. After takeoff, it’s straight to the landmarks that have made Panama one of the world’s greatest cities to live or visit. Ascending we’ll observe the entrance of the Panama Canal and the Ancon Hill. Then we’ll fly to Casco Viejo where we can observe the old plazas, monuments, and the parks.

The Panama Canal

We’ll start our trip going to go to the Bridge of the Americas, Pacific entrance of the Panama Canal. This bridge was built in 1962, becoming the second bridge on the Panama Canal.

Visit the Miraflores Locks

In Miraflores, we can observe the operations of the Old Panama Canal, completed in 1914. These locks were built as a hinge and allow ships up to 289 meters long and up to 5,000 TEUs (1 TEU is equivalent to a 20-foot container).

Flight to  the New Expanded Canal

After visiting the Miraflores Locks not deviate briefly to the east indirection to Cocolí Locks, part of the proposed Canal expansion, which opened on June 26, 2016.

These new locks allow ships up to 366 meters long and up to 13000 TEUs (1 TEU is equivalent to a 20-foot container).

Pedro Miguel Locks

Part of the old canal and like the Miraflores locks both have a length of approximately 3 kilometers including access to the walls. Pedro Miguel is the set of locks connecting Lake Miraflores to Gatun Lake, with the highest elevation.

What to Bring for The Panama City & Canal Helicopter Tour

For each flight, it is important not to forget your original identification documents such as identity cards for Panamanians and passports for foreigners.

Helicopter models used

  • Helicopter Robinson R44: 3 units
  • Helicopter Robinson R66: 1 unit
  • Helicopter Eurocopter B3: 1 unit
  • Helicopter Airbus T2 H130: 1 unit

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How to get the helicopter?

The Tour Helicopter Canal and Panama City depart from a private hangar at the Marcos A. Gelabert Airport or Albrook Airport in Panama City, Panama.

To reach this hangar we can help you book a private car or you can drive here on your own.

Available from Monday to Sunday

We can start any day of the week as long as the helicopter is available. Please contact us to chat, send us an email to [email protected] or write to our contact page before making your purchase.

Reserve anytime between 7:00 am and 4:30 pm

Whenever there is daylight you can fly, but we recommend doing it in the afternoon around 2:00 pm because at this time there are usually more sightings of vessels crossing the Miraflores Locks on the Pacific Panama Canal Zone.

Not Included:

  • Ground Transport
  • Guide

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Booking Details:

Schedule 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Panama City


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  • Richard Reid October 5, 2020

    With few things open during the lockdown, every penny was worth it.

  • Lynn Ward April 24, 2019

    5 Stars, We didn´t expected this in Panama!

  • Stacy Hudson April 23, 2019

    I love Panama. We had great weather. The flight was incredible. Short but still in our budget.

  • Grant Hendrick April 20, 2019

    Panama by Helicopter, truly the only way to see the Canal and City!

    Reservation and communication process was excellent and very accommodating. The weather turned a bit but we waited it out and had an excellent flight with the doors off, (the only way to go)! Very informative as we passed key points and the entire process was outstanding. I had a couple of first time flyers with me and they both thoroughly enjoyed the entire flight! Highly recommended!

  • Eelis Mattila April 14, 2019

    Our family had a great experience. Definitely recommend using Aero Albrook.

  • Jose Ramirez April 1, 2019

    Gran piloto, con mucho conocimiento!

  • Gene Mcdonalid March 6, 2019

    Carlos, the pilot was amazing. He made it soo much more fun.

  • Angeles Soler March 6, 2019

    Muy serviciales, inclusive nos reservaron el Uber para llegar al hangar.

    Gracias Jaime, por ayudarme en todo.

  • Beatrice Wade February 12, 2019

    This helicopter tour is definitely worth the price. Friendly company, the helped us a lot during our time in Panama.

  • Fernando Mora February 8, 2019

    Ya solo nos falta visitar a San Blas en helicóptero. Recomiendo aeroalbrook.com con un 10+

  • Courtney Murray February 2, 2019

    Fantastic team and tour. The best part was the city.

  • Shelly Chambers January 22, 2019

    Perfect customer service, pilot and trip.

  • Marta Leon January 7, 2019

    El vuelo y piloto fueron increibles, pero deben dejar un poco más claro que el transporte al aeropuerto no esta incluido.