Charter Flights to Coiba Island

Charter Flights Panama City (PAC), Albrook to Coiba Island, Veraguas

FlightsPassengersDurationOne Way
Piper Saratoga
Turbo Prop
800 pounds | 362kg
Charter Flight
Cessna 172
Turbo Prop
450 pounds | 204kg
Charter Flight
Piper Seneca
Turbo Prop
500 pounds | 226kg
Charter Flight
Piper Navajo
Turbo Prop
1500 pounds | 680kg
Charter Flight
Islander BN2
Turbo Prop
1200 pounds | 544kg
Charter Flight
Kodiak Quest 100
Turbo Prop
1600 pounds | 725kg
Charter Flight

Longitude -81.6981
Latitude 7.5072
Timezone -5 (UTC)
Charter Flights to Coiba, Veraguas

Flights to Coiba Island

The flight to Coiba Island lasts between 1.2 to 1.5 hours depending on the aircraft.

Aero Albrook can depart any day of the week to Coiba Island after 6am and return before 3pm.

The airstrip in Contadora allows planes of up to 18 passengers.

Coiba National Park a World Heritage Site

Coiba National Park is one of the most secluded and exotic destinations in Panama. Located southeast of the Gulf of Chiriquí in the Pacific Ocean, it is probably the most exclusive sport fishing area in the region.

This area is known as the "Tuna Coast"

Currently, Coiba Fishing offers the best sport fishing packages and catamaran charters.

You can fish in Coiba all year round, here you can find the pinnacle of world sport fishing: Marlin, Tuna, Dorado and many other species.

Diving in Coiba

Coiba is also the best area to practice Scuba Diving in Panama, hundreds of spices, lots of visibility all year round.

A few miles north of this national park we find Santa Catalina, a beach where several agencies and diving schools operate.

Good news, Panama is at sea level, there are no significant mountain groups between the City and Isla Coiba because you can dive and fly the same day (at low altitude). It is only 1.5 hours of flight.

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