Panama Canal [Full] Helicopter Tour

1 - 3 Hours - Fly over the Panama Canal from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic and visit the Bridge of the Americas, Miraflores Locks and Pedro Miguel Locks, Gatun Lake and the Agua Clara Locks on a private helicopter tour from 1 to 3 hours.

4 Packages:
Helicopter Robinson R443 $1104
Robinson R664 $1740
Bell Long Ranger6 $3300
Helicopter Eurocopter B46 $3300
Schedule 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Golfo 1, Marcos A. Gelabert Airport (PAC), Albrook, Panama City

Meet us at the Albrook Airport!

Find us 30 minutes prior to the departure time of your flight at Golfo 1, the checkpoint of the hangars of the Marcos A. Gelabert Airport, Albrook, Panama City.

😎 You can find the location on Google Map, Waze or Uber by “Golfo 1”.

When you arrive at this port, you must indicate to the security guard that you have a reservation for a helicopter tour and that our team will take you from this port to the hangar.

Next to the hangar we have many parking lots available free of charge for passengers.

The Helicopter Tour

The Beginning of Panama Canal Ocean to Ocean Helicopter Tour

We’ll start our trip going to go to the Bridge of the Americas, Pacific entrance of the Panama Canal. This bridge was built in 1962, becoming the second bridge on the Panama Canal.

Visit the Miraflores Locks

In Miraflores, we can observe the operations of the Old Panama Canal, completed in 1914. These locks were built as a hinge and allow ships up to 289 meters long and up to 5,000 TEUs (1 TEU is equivalent to a 20-foot container).

Without the Panama Canal, the largest cities at the west coast of the American Continent wouldn’t be what they are today.

Flight to  the New Expanded Canal

After visiting the Miraflores Locks not deviate briefly to the east indirection to CocolĂ­ Locks, part of the proposed Canal expansion, which opened on June 26, 2016.

These new locks allow ships up to 366 meters long and up to 13000 TEUs (1 TEU is equivalent to a 20-foot container).

Pedro Miguel Locks

Part of the old canal and like the Miraflores locks both have a length of approximately 3 kilometers including access to the walls. Pedro Miguel is the set of locks connecting Lake Miraflores to Gatun Lake, with the highest elevation.

The Gatun Lake

The Gatun Lake, constructed to supply water from the Chagres River to Panama Canal, the Gatun Lake used to the largest artificial lake ever constructed.

Nearly 17,000 commercial vessels cross the Panama Canal each year.

Agua Clara Locks, Expanded Canal

Located on the north side of the Panama Canal, the Agua Clara Locks are our final destination. A unique view of Gatun Lake, Panama Canal and the Atlantic Ocean.

What to Bring?

For each flight, it is important to bring original identification documents such as identity cards for Panamanians and passports for foreigners.

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Schedule 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Golfo 1, Marcos A. Gelabert Airport (PAC), Albrook, Panama City

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  • Wessel Manche April 20, 2019

    Tour was great. Allison was fantastic. I wrote two reviews this morning. And we share our experience with our local partners yesterday evening at dinner. They will certainly promote your services to their clients. Thank you and all the best for your company. We are flying back to Switzerland but we ll visit you in the future. Cheers !

  • Francois Jaquier April 9, 2019

    What a great way to see the Canal and City of Panama. Service was very professional and efficient. Warm welcome. Pilot and guide was friendly nevertheless very professional. Conditions were very good which allows to fully enjoy the ride and all the explanations provided by our pilot. Definitely to be promoted as one of the best activity to do in Panama. Thank you all!

  • Alfonso Mora April 4, 2019

    Una aventura unica en la vida que merece repetirse. El tour lo reservamos para unos familiares que visitarĂłn PanamĂĄ.

    Ellos disfrutaron cada minuto en el helicĂłptero.

  • Pablo Muñoz March 20, 2019

    Excelente compañia.

    Vinimos a PanamĂĄ solo para cononcer el Canal y este fue el mejor de todos los tours del canal que tomamos.

  • Angela Soto February 19, 2019

    El canal es lo mejor, la selva es increible, pero el lago gatĂșn fue brutal.

  • Gema Sanchez February 19, 2019

    Perfecto para la familia. El recorrido fue increible, nuestro hijo ahora quiere ser piloto como Alison.

  • Gabriel Santos February 12, 2019

    Un tour necesario si vienes a PanamĂĄ. Un poco costoso comparado con otros tours, pero vale la pena.

  • Marta Sanz January 6, 2019

    Hola Jaime, gracias por toda tu ayuda. Su pudiera te darĂ­a un 10 extrellas.