Terms & Conditions: Domestic Commercial Flights

The aeroalbrook.com domain is owned by PANAMA JET HUB, an online reservation platform.

PANAMA JET HUB is not an air transport company or tour operator. PANAMA JET HUB does not own or operate any aircraft. All flights are operated by suitable Panamanian air transport companies (LAS AEROLÍNEAS).


All air tickets are issued in the name of a specific person and cannot be transferred. THE AIRLINES and PANAMA JET HUB may verify the identity of the passenger at any time.


Flight schedules and routes are subject to change without prior notice and without any liability for LAS AEROLÍNEAS or PANAMA JET HUB. It will not be responsible for any damage or harm caused by reason of the postponement, advancement, suspension or cancellation of any flight due to force majeure, acts of God, adverse weather conditions, mechanical difficulties or when it deems it appropriate for security reasons.


The air ticket will not be refundable and if the client requests a change in the flight date, it will have a validity period of 90 days from the original date of the flight, as long as it is not a ticket with promotion, discount or international route, in which case it will have a validity period of 30 days from the original date of the flight.


THE AIRLINES are not obliged to transport any passenger when it deems it so for security reasons of violation of laws, regulations or ordinances or when their conduct, physical or mental condition so requires, or when it causes discomfort to other passengers or to the staff of the company or in the opinion of LAS AEROLÍNEAS is considered annoying or dangerous in the operation of the flight.


As long as the capacity of the plane allows it, the luggage will be transported on the same flight as the passenger. When this is not possible, THE AIRLINES will send it at their discretion, on flights with available space. The air ticket entitles the passenger to transport free of charge up to 12 kilos of luggage on United routes and up to 30 kilos on International routes. Excess baggage, whether in weight or volume, will be charged according to the rate established by THE AIRLINES. The transported luggage will be delivered to the person who presents the corresponding luggage tag. To consider any claim regarding luggage, it must be made immediately after the corresponding flight and before leaving the airport. THE AIRLINES will not be responsible for the deterioration or destruction of fragile, perishable items, etc.


The liability limits are those established by the Civil Aviation Authority in Decree Law 19 of August 8, 1963.


For security reasons, the transport of the following items is prohibited:

  • Compressed gases (flammable, non-flammable and poisonous). Gas canisters, compressed air cylinders or air tank for diving, etc.
  • Corrosive: Acids, alkalines, wet cell batteries, etc.
  • Explosives: Weapons, ammunition or pyrotechnic materials, etc.
  • Flammable liquids or solids. Fuel for lighters, matches or easily ignited items, etc.
  • Radioactive Materials, etc.
  • Irritating or oxidizing materials. Bleaching agents, peroxide, etc.
  • Toxic or poisonous materials: Arsenic, cyanide; insecticides or herbicides, etc.
  • Mercury, magnetic material, etc.
  • Paint of all kinds and related liquids, etc.
  • Any other item that the company deems appropriate.

Medicinal items and toiletries in small quantities, which are necessary or suitable for the passenger during the trip, such as aerosols, perfumes and medicines, etc. are exempt from this measure.


THE PASSENGER must appear at the designated airport 1 (one) hour before that established in the air ticket, if it is a local flight, if it is an international flight it is 3 (three) hours. Failure to comply with what is established herein authorizes THE AIRLINES to cancel your reservation and have your quota without refund.


Any request to change or cancel a reservation must be made a minimum of 12 (twelve) business hours in advance of the flight departure. Each change made to a reservation will cause an administrative charge and must be paid before using the ticket.


The breach of articles 8o. and 9th. of this transport contract give the right to charge a fine or surcharge of up to 50% of the value of the air ticket.


THE AIRLINES reserve the right to make their air connections by other routes to meet their final destination. Likewise, it will not be responsible for loss of international connections and payment of penalties.


If you are not a citizen or resident of the country where you are going, the authorities require that you have proof of departure through an Air ticket, as a return sample to your country of origin or continuity to another country as a final destination.


To travel, you must present a personal identity card if you are Panamanian; if you are a foreigner you must present your passport; or birth certificate if you are a minor. If the minor is not accompanied by both parents, the accompanying parent must provide a letter from the other parent, authenticated before a Notary Public, authorizing said trip with the minor. In the event that the minor is not accompanied by one or both parents; The accompanying adult must include a letter from both parents, authenticated before a Notary Public, authorizing the specific trip.


PANAMA JET HUB prohibits reservations for third parties.

If the passenger is not able to demonstrate, to the satisfaction of PANAMA JET HUB, that the credit card does indeed belong to him, PANAMA JET HUB reserves the right to cancel the ticket.

LAS AEROLÍNEAS nor PANAMA JET HUB are not responsible for any loss suffered by you, nor do they make refunds for the services offered on these websites, whatever the cause, or for the poor provision of the service or other causes that are beyond your control. , and will not be responsible for any additional costs.

THE PASSENGER accepts and agrees to comply with all the purchase conditions stipulated in this agreement.