Whale Watching in Panama (Season 2022)

Find the best boat rides, yachts and catamarans for whale watching in Panama. Visit Coiba, Contadora Island, Pearl Islands, Saboga Island, Chapera Island and Bolaños Island.

In this guide you will find:

  • The best dates
  • The destinations of the most reported sightings
  • Details about tours and packages

Whale Watching Season in Panama

According to the “Panama Whale Watching“, the #1 in whale watching agency in Panama, the season normally begins the second week of July until the beginning of October, with August standing out as the best month.

The season starts on July 4!

Humpback Whales travel up to 25,000 kilometers annually until they reach the Pacific Ocean coast of Panama, in search of warm waters (24 ° to 32°).

We can observe them performing their courtship rituals with breaches and beautiful songs that can be heard up to 30 kilometers away.

These giant mammals take advantage of the abundance of fish off the coast of Panama to hunt in groups, cornering and devouring hundreds of prey in each maneuver.

In Panama we find many whale calves!

Young calves can measure between 4 to 5 meters in length and the adults between 12 to 15 meters.

The Best Places for Whale Watching in Panama

Whale Watching at the Pearl Islands

The Pearl Islands is one of the most popular destinations for whales in Panama.

Groups of up to 25 whales have been reported in Las Perlas!

The islands of this archipelago offer good quality boutique hotels and activities such as snorkeling, tank diving, boating, sport fishing and whale watching tours.

Among the most outstanding islands to visit the whales are Contadora, Saboga, Bolaños and Chapera.

Whale watching in Contadora Island or Saboga Island

Contadora and Saboga are the most developed islands of The Pearl Islands. Both islands have beaches of soft white sand and turquoise waters, the most popular beaches being Playa Larga, Playa las Suecas, Playa Cacique, Playa Ejecutiva and Playa Punta Galeón.

If you travel to Contadora or Saboga we recommend you take the whale watching tour with Captain Guillermo, who for more than 20 years has offered diving, snorkeling, boat rides and visits to whales.

Guillermo is a bilingual guide, oceanographer into dive instructor!

With Captain Guillermo you will be able to travel large areas of the The Pearl Islans in a very short time thanks to his fast boat with twin 140hp (horsepower) engines.

The fastest boat at the Pearl Islands!

Book this tour:

Whale Watching Tour from Contadora

Whale Watching Tour in Contadora with Ferry

More about Contadora:

Whale Watching + Day Pass in Bolaños Island, Pearl Island

The whale watching tour in Bolaños Island is available starting on July 10th and for almost every weekend until September.

Departing on Saturdays and Sundays at 7:30 am (check-in 6:45 am) from the Flamenco Marina, Causeway, Panama City.

The tour takes place while sailing to and from the island!

We usually arrive in Bolaños Island around 11am and return from the island at 2pm.

The tour takes place aboard a comfortable 40-passenger catamaran and then at the end of the morning the passengers disembark at the Bolaños Island beach club.

The best beach club the Pearl Islands!

In the beach club facilities we have chairs facing the sea, showers, bar and restaurant.

Includes: catamaran, lunch, open cold tea.

5 to 11 years old$175
0 to 4 years oldFree of cost

Coiba Island

Also known as Coiba National Park, declared by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site thanks to its biodiversity. Whale watching and sport fishing in Coiba are some of the biggest tourist attractions in Panama.

Are you looking for luxury?

Luxury catamaran charter in Coiba

Since 2020 the Coiba Fishing company has a new and modern Catamaran Bali 4.3 in Coiba.

This catamaran may be the luxury whale watching cruise you have been waiting for.

More about Coiba: